Massage for Individuals

The Sports and Massage Therapy team at work with individuals with a wide range of conditions such as;
  • Tight muscles
  • Sports injuries
  • High levels of stress
  • Post-surgery
Therapist assisting patient with exercise

Our Therapists provide treatment to individuals suffering from tight muscles, sports injuries, high levels of stress and post-surgery.

Massage treatment can be used to reduce muscular tightness. Muscular tightness occurs for a number of reasons such as stress, overuse, exercise or poor biomechanics. Deep massage techniques can be used to reduce the adhesive cross fibre connections within muscles to reduce pain and increase tissue flexibility and elasticity.

Our Sports Therapists are experienced in treating a range of sports injuries such as muscular and ligament strains and sprains, tendon ruptures, impingement, tendonitis, plantar fascia and patella femoral pain syndrome. If left untreated, sports injuries can cause pain, reduced performance, muscular tension and reduced flexibility. Our Sports Therapists will offer a range of appropriate treatment modalities such as massage, exercise prescription, taping or mobilisations.

Therapist and patient talking in initial assessment

Massage treatment can be used to target high levels of stress. Stress can occur for a number of reasons and can affect each individual differently. It is essential to find an appropriate management technique to control levels of stress. The feeling of stress occurs due to an increase in the levels of cortisol within the bloodstream. If levels of cortisol remain high for prolonged periods of time the individual may be at risk of anxiety and even depression. Massage treatment can inhibit the release of cortisol while promoting the release of endorphins, “feel good hormones”.

Following an invasive surgical procedure, the body requires rehabilitation to obtain optimum functioning. Surgical procedures that would benefit from massage treatment include liposuction, ACL reconstruction and muscular repair. Due to the invasive nature of a surgical procedure, the body will experience an immediate increase in swelling which can be reduced by manual lymphatic drainage massage. In the weeks following surgery, an increase in the presence of scar tissue can occur. If left untreated, scar tissue can cause pain, reduce flexibility and reduce performance.

As an individual, you can achieve a number of benefits from requesting treatment from one of our Sports Therapists. The possible benefits you can achieve include:

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