Post Surgery

Following a surgical operation, further treatment and rehabilitation is often needed to return to full occupational functioning or return to sport. Our Sports Therapists can offer a range of treatment modalities that would be beneficial in the recovery following surgery such as;
  • Musculoskeletal surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Ligament reconstruction
Stomach massage

Musculoskeletal surgery may be required for a number of reasons such as muscular tear, meniscal damage or joint dysfunctions. Due to the invasive nature of surgery, post-surgical rehabilitation will be required. In the initial days following surgery, our therapists could use manual lymphatic drainage to control and reduce swelling and pain. During the later stages of repair, our therapists could use deep tissue or friction massage to target and address scar tissue which if left untreated could produce pain, limited range of movement and reduced performance.

Immediately following a liposuction procedure our therapists can use manual lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling, pain and promote healing. In the later stages of healing following cosmetic surgery, the Sports Therapists can use deeper forms of massage to target and break down scar tissue which if left untreated could cause pain, limited range of movement and an uneven appearance.

Our Sports Therapists can use massage treatment with an individual following ligament reconstruction surgery. Ligament reconstruction sometimes involves taking a graft from a muscle to form a new ligament. The Sports Therapists can use massage treatment to ensure any muscle that has given a graft can rehabilitate to original strength and quality.

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There are a number of treatment modalities which our Massage and Sports Therapists will use to assist their patients recovery post-surgery which include;

Manual lymphatic drainage massage following surgery can assist in the reduction of swelling and pain. Manual lymphatic drainage can assist the body’s lymphatic system to reduce swelling by assisting in transporting lymph flow from areas of high pressure to lymph nodes where the fluid can be filtered and the waste products can be expelled from the body. Common lymph nodes targeted during manual lymphatic drainage include the axillary node in the armpit, the popliteal node in the knee and the inguinal node in the groin.

Deep tissue massage treatment can assist recovery following surgery by breaking down/realigning scar tissue. Scar tissue forms when the body lays down type 3 collagen. This tissue is adhesive, fibrous and can limit the elasticity of tissues. The presence of scar tissue can cause pain, limited range of movement and reduced functional performance.

Mobilisations can be beneficial post-surgery to reduce pain and increase the range of movement available within stiff joints. The application of small repetitive oscillation movements of joints can improve joint nutrition and stretch adhesive and restrictive joint structures.

Exercise prescription can help recover post-surgery to help strengthen and stretch structures which may have been affected during the process of surgery or previous injury. Exercise prescription can also include exercises to improve your proprioception and balance to reduce risk of injury and improve functional performance. The therapists at will provide a progressive exercise programme to assist rehabilitation.

There are a number of benefits our Sports and Massage Therapists can promote to their patients during post-surgical rehabilitation such as;

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