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Introduction to Massage

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Massage.physio.co.uk runs regular Introduction to Massage Therapy courses throughout the year. Our courses are held across both our Manchester and Liverpool branches and are delivered alongside a well-established Massage service that runs within a private Physiotherapy clinic. Our courses provide a great opportunity to have an insight into massage therapy, what it involves, how it developed and how it works. It is a perfect course for anyone looking to start a career in massage therapy or those who just want to learn a few new skills.

Our available Introduction to Massage courses

Massage.physio.co.uk is offering you a number of Level 3 courses across Manchester and Liverpool. Our courses will be available to you throughout the year, giving you weekends and weekday options to attend.

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About our massage courses

Physio.co.uk is the North West's leading physiotherapy provider. Physio.co.uk have a team of talented physiotherapists, each with their own specialist area.

What you'll learn

The history and origins of massage

In order to perform an effective massage, it is important to have an understanding of where it all started and how it has developed over many years. Your tutor will deliver a detailed, yet understandable presentation, that goes into the origins of massage therapy, who was responsible for developing massage therapy and essentially, how we became to use massage therapy in this modern day and age.

Anatomy involved in massage and how it can be beneficial

An important aspect of massage therapy is understanding the areas you provide treatments to. This will include:

  • Major muscle groups commonly treated with massage therapy
  • Physical changes to a person’s body during/after massage
  • Physiological changes to a person’s body during/after massage
  • Benefits of providing massage therapy


Equipment needed and mediums used in massage therapy

When performing a massage, there are different equipment checks needed to ensure safe practice. There are also a variety of different massage mediums that can be used to provide massage therapy. It is important to have an awareness of all these and know their benefits and limitations. During the theory element of the course, your tutor will cover:

  • Equipment needed to provide a massage
  • Common massage mediums used in massage
  • Benefits of different massage mediums used in massage
  • Limitations of different massage mediums used in massage

Massage techniques and contra-indications

One of the most important elements of the course is to be able to understand when it is and is not safe to perform a massage. Along-side this, you will learn the different techniques used within massage therapy and how to use these safely and effectively to different areas of the body. You will learn how to provide techniques such as:

  • Effleurage
  • Petrissage
  • Kneading
  • Wringing
  • Tapotement

To areas of the body including:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Neck
  • shoulders

What the course includes

  • Clinical environment to train in
  • Practical equipment and a facility to practice in
  • 100% support from experienced tutors
  • Certification of attendance and recommendations for further training

We are a registered training provider

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites to attend this course. You are not required to have any previous experience or qualifications in massage therapy. A simple interest in the area is all you need!

Qualifications obtained

You will not receive a full qualification by attending this course. In order to receive a full qualification in massage therapy, further education will be required. Different options can be discussed with the therapists running the course.

You will, however, receive a certificate of attendance to show you have learnt the basic techniques involved in massage therapy.

Please note, this will not qualify you to perform massage therapy in a professional environment.

Course benefits

This course offers a wide range of benefits for all attendees regardless of the reason for attending. Some benefits of attending the intro to massage therapy course include:

  • Ability to continue into further learning/training
  • The ability to perform basic massage therapy to family members or friends (in a non-professional environment)
  • Basic knowledge surrounding massage therapy incl. Benefits, contraindications, techniques etc.
  • High-quality training provided by our greatly experienced therapists
  • 100% support given by the therapists both during and after the course has taken place



The intro to massage therapy course is a 1-day course that will cover the basic aspects of massage therapy.

The day will kick start with a detailed presentation covering the history of massage therapy, benefits of massage therapy, contraindications to massage therapy, techniques used and so much more. The theory work although basic, will be covered in detail. But don’t worry, we won’t be testing you on this!


Following the theory element of the course, you can then expect the remainder of the day to be very much practical based. Practical work is one of the best ways to learn massage therapy due to the hands on nature of the practice.

Practical elements of the course will include:

  • Massage for different body parts
  • Different massage techniques
  • Hands on practice with your fellow course members
  • Learners we have trained


  • Courses we have run


  • Pass rate for our students



Do I need any qualifications to attend this course?

You do not need any previous qualifications to attend this course. This is a 2-day basic introduction to massage therapy course so as long as you have an interest in that area, then you are more than welcome to attend.

What is involved within the course?

The 2-day course will be mainly practical based, however, there will be elements of theory added throughout. The main aim of this course is to give you a basic introduction to the main techniques used within the practice. From here, you can choose to attend further course in order to become a qualified massage therapist or you can use the skills and techniques learnt throughout the course on friends and family as a little treat. Where this course does not qualify you to perform massage therapy in a professional practice, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Are there any exams involved within the course?

As this is only an introduction to massage course, there will be no exams to complete at the end of the course.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing is always recommended when attending this course. Due to the high level of practical based learning, we also recommend you wear or bring with you clothing such as shorts and a vest top to make it easier to practice massage techniques on each other.

Do I need insurance?

No, you will not need insurance whilst on this course. If you wish to take massage therapy further and are looking for a career in this area, you will need insurance to perform massage therapy in a professional environment. You will only be able to gain this type insurance once fully qualified.

What/who will this course qualify me to treat?

This course will not qualify you to practice massage therapy in a professional environment. This course is only intended as an introduction to massage therapy so you will not be able to gain the insurance to perform this clinically.

Do we still get support after the course?

You will get 100% support from out therapists running the course throughout and after the course. Our therapists will always be available for advice and support around this topic.

Are there any further courses I can attend to qualify me to perform massage in a professional environment?

If you are looking to further your learning in massage therapy, the next step is attending a full level 3 massage therapy course. On completion of your level 3 massage therapy course, you will be able to gain the insurance needed to perform massage therapist clinically. Further advice and details can be given by the therapist running the introductory course.

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Introduction to Massage

4.7 (22 ratings)

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  • Ellie Kitchen

    23 year old student

    I attended the Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma course here earlier this year. The course was ran very smoothly and professionally. We would usually spend the AM concentrating on theory and the PM on practical, both of which were extremely informative and interesting. The course leaders, Katie Emmett & Zoe Killian were very approachable and encouraging, always available to answer further questions or queries. Overall, I am very happy with the service given and would attend further courses at this venue or with the named therapists. Thanks again!

  • Asir Babu

    Practising massage therapist

    It was a great experience with my faculty Ms. Katie and Zoe.

    They are very friendly and has very good teaching skills and explained well all our doubts and questions. I never thought that I was in my class, I was feel like I was in my home.

    I have learned so many new techniques about various types massage and it is very useful for my professional career. Once again my sincere thanks to my faculty and entire Manchester massage team.

  • Hayley Perrin

    23 year old student.

    I took part in the physiotherapy and sports massage training day at St. John Street Clinic hosted by Kevin. As someone aspiring to be a physiotherapist and looking to gain experience in this sector, it was very informative and interesting. The training looked at posture, balance, core and a spinal examination. All of which I had not had exposure to before the training. I would recommend this training as it is friendly, fun and educational.

  • Courtney Stanley

    23 year old student.

    I am a third year physiotherapy student, studying at Manchester Metropolitan and I completed the sports massage and physiotherapy training day with Kevin. I believe this training day was amazing and it was ran excellently, it was fun, educational, informative and assisted me in continuing my professional development. Kevin ensured we all had a great understanding of the information taught and the experience enabled me to ask questions and expand on my own knowledge. The training day was hands on and everyone got involved. Kevin created a fantastic learning environment where we all could feel comfortable with one another whilst improving our understanding. The facilities at Manchester Physio are outstanding, the equipment was brilliant for when we came to thinking outside of the box for improving balance/posture. I had a phenomenal day. It was smooth and flowed nicely. I would recommend this training day to everyone, it was great! I will definitely be signing myself up for more training days to ensure that I have the opportunity to learn from Kevin and Manchester Physio! Thank you!!

  • Andrew Cattley

    23 year old student.

    I joined the one day Introduction to massage therapy course which was great. Very well done and structured and I will defiantly be looking to join the level 3 programme next year.

  • Harriet Macrae

    23 year old student.

    Today I participated in a physiotherapy training day. I had an amazing day learning about sports and soft tissue massage as well as getting an insight to what it like being a physio. Kevin was a great teacher- friendly and informative. Would highly recommend to aspiring physiotherapist or anyone who is interested in this field!

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