Rehabilitation programmes refer treatments aimed to assist in the recovery from injury or post-surgery. Our Sports Therapists can devise a personalised treatment plan to overcome injury, weakness, tightness or malfunction which could include a number of treatment modalities such as;
  • Exercise prescription
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Joint mobilisations
  • The application of kinesiology tape
Leg stretch with theraband

Rehabilitation programmes can include exercise prescription which can aid the patient to achieve a number of goals such as improved strength, flexibility, proprioception, balance and coordination. Our Sports Therapists will select a range of exercises suited to your practical skill level. As you progress through your personalised rehabilitation programme, the therapists will monitor your progression by reviewing set outcome measures and when appropriate will increase the intensity of your exercises accordingly.

Rehabilitation programmes can include the application of soft tissue massage. Massage can be used to decrease pain, promote healing, and improve range of movement and flexibility. Massage can be beneficial when applied to tight muscles and scar tissue. The application of massage can break down and realign collagen fibres that have become knotted and disorganised due to injury, trauma or repetitive stressors. Massage can break up the adhesive cross-fibre connections allowing knotted collagen fibres to realign into a functional orientation.

Our Sports Therapists can use joint mobilisations within rehabilitation programmes. Joint mobilisations involve the application of repetitive passive oscillation movements of joint surfaces. The benefits of joint mobilisations include improved range of movement, reduced pain levels and promoted healing.

The application of kinesiology tape is used by our Sports Therapists as part of many rehabilitation programmes. Kinesiology tape is a thin, elasticated and adhesive cotton strip of material. It’s lightweight and thin nature means it can be worn under clothing and is often used to encourage the correct alignment of joints and structures, promote healing, maximise performance, support unstable joints and reduce bruising.

Thigh massage on quad stretch
The Sports Therapists at can provide high quality and successful rehabilitation programmes which can enable you to achieve a number of benefits such as;

The personalised, specific and challenging rehabilitation programmes provided by our Sports Therapists will ensure you return to optimum functioning in the quickest time possible.

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