Our Sports Therapists come into contact with postural related injuries and conditions on a regular basis. Anyone can encounter poor posture but those at high risk include desk workers, inactive individuals, laptop users and mobile phone owners. If left untreated, poor posture can cause chronic pain, muscular tightness, joint dysfunction and reduced range of motion. Our Sports Therapists can use a range of treatment modalities to improve a patient’s posture such as;
  • Exercise prescription
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Work based assessment
  • Massage therapy
Neck stretch

Exercise prescription can target a number of muscles which can assist in improving and maintaining good posture. Strengthening exercises can include either isometric, eccentric or concentric muscular contractions which can strengthen weak muscles needed for postural correction. Exercise prescription can also include stretching exercises such as static, dynamic and muscle energy techniques (MET). Stretching exercises can be used to increase the flexibility and elasticity of tight muscles which can inhibit postural correction.

The application of kinesiology tape can improve posture. Postural taping techniques can assist the patient into a correct posture by giving neurophysiological feedback and support. The application of postural taping can prompt the individual to sit and stand with good posture. Posture tape is usually applied to the neck and shoulders of individuals who often slouch forward. The benefits of postural taping techniques include increased joint awareness with proprioception and improved strength of postural supporting muscles.

Work based assessment can improve posture. As a major risk factor for poor posture includes working at a desk for long periods of time, it is essential that your desk set up is suitable. Our therapists will offer guidance on how to arrange your workstation. Work based assessments include adjusting the position of your laptop or computer screen, advice on how to adjust your seat position to promote good posture and direction on where to arrange your phone and stationary equipment.

Our Sports Therapists will also use massage treatment to promote good posture. Poor posture can occur due to tight anterior muscles surrounding the neck and chest or tight muscles in the lower legs. Massage treatment can be used to relieve tight muscles and increase their flexibility. This can allow you to sit and stand up straight without the restriction of tight muscles.

Patient in sitting - therapist correcting scapula position
The Sports Therapists at work hard to provide a number of treatment benefits. The benefits of improving postural correction treatment include;

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