Manual Lymphatic Drainage

At we offer an excellent manual lymphatic drainage treatment service. Our highly trained therapists use their knowledge and skills to apply manual lymphatic drainage within a professional and clean environment. Our therapists use manual lymphatic drainage to ensure the goals and needs of the our clients are achieved through targeting and increasing the efficiency of the body’s lymphatic system.

Our manual lymphatic drainage service is available to everybody. Following an initial assessment and consultation with one of our friendly practitioners they will highlight your goals of the treatment and tailor their lymphatic drainage techniques accordingly. There are vast benefits from receiving manual lymphatic drainage from one of our therapists which include:

Our therapist use manual lymphatic drainage as a treatment modality to assist and promote healing, increase circulation and to reduce pain. Manual lymphatic drainage can be beneficial when received in a number of situations such as;

Manual lymphatic drainage is extremely beneficial following a cosmetic surgical procedure. Cosmetic surgical procedures result in high amounts of swelling and internal scar tissue due to their invasive nature. Our therapists use manual lymphatic drainage following cosmetic surgery to decrease swelling, promote healing, decrease pain and reduce fibrous scar tissue. Common cosmetic surgical procedures rehabilitated using manual lymphatic drainage includes;

Our therapists provide a highly beneficial and effective manual lymphatic drainage service available to all individuals. Our skilled practitioners use manual lymphatic drainage to promote a number of physiological effects such as;

How can I arrange a manual lymphatic drainage session?

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