Vicky Donegan

Massage Therapist
Patient receiving treatment to the knee in Manchester clinic
Vicky is a longstanding sports massage therapist at, working with us since 2013. Vicky achieved a Level 3 Active IQ Diploma in Sports Massage with Active Health Manchester in 2009.

Top Skills

Deep Tissue massage

Education & Training

Book Icon Level 3 Active IQ Diploma in Sports Massage

Since then, she has had an array of experience assessing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions within her work. After working with a range of people including athletes and the general public, Vicky upholds a well-respected reputation both within the company and to those who are treated by her. Vicky has the ability to perform a range of treatments including sports, deep tissue and remedial massage as well as home and exercise advice.

Vicky maintains a high level of professionalism within her work and carries out her work to the highest of standards. Vicky believes her patient’s rehabilitation is the number one priority and will stop at nothing to achieve efficient and effective treatment.

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