CPD workshops


Attending our cpd workshops can be beneficial for a any therapist in any field of expertise. It is important to attend as many cpd workshops as possible to keep up to date with the most recent studies, techniques and treatments. Failure to do so could lead to invalid insurance.

Although our cpd workshops do not provide specific qualifications as such, you will gain a certificate of attendance, signed by the therapist running the course. This can be used as evidence of attending a cpd workshop.


All of our cpd workshops will have a similar structure regardless of the topic. The main structure is as follows:


The highly qualified therapist running your course will start the day off with a bit of an introduction to themselves and the company itself. We will usually incorporate some form of icebreaker into the introduction so everyone has the chance to get to know each other.

Working with students in cpd workshops


Following the introduction, the therapist will then talk through the background, theory, research and evidence into your chosen topic. this is a great way to learn about the origins and routes of the topic and have a good look into the research studies both for and against that specific area.


In our full day courses, we will always incorporate a lunch or break into the day. Food, snacks and drinks will all be provided by us.


After your break or lunch, the rest of the day tends to be more practical based. This enables you to practice techniques within your chosen topic or learn how to improve your treatment methods.

Case studies

Case studies come hand in hand with your practicals. A lot of the time, case studies will be provided as part of the practical in order to test your skills and get everyone working together.

Summary + questions

Every course will finish with a summary covering everything we have just learnt. There will also be the opportunity for all attending the course to ask any questions they may have regarding any part of the course.