CPD workshops


Attending our cpd workshops can be beneficial for a any therapist in any field of expertise. It is important to attend as many cpd workshops as possible to keep up to date with the most recent studies, techniques and treatments. Failure to do so could lead to invalid insurance.

Although our cpd workshops do not provide specific qualifications as such, you will gain a certificate of attendance, signed by the therapist running the course. This can be used as evidence of attending a cpd workshop.


All of our cpd workshops will have a similar structure regardless of the topic. The main structure is as follows:


The highly qualified therapist running your course will start the day off with a bit of an introduction to themselves and the company itself. We will usually incorporate some form of icebreaker into the introduction so everyone has the chance to get to know each other.

Working with students in cpd workshops


Following the introduction, the therapist will then talk through the background, theory, research and evidence into your chosen topic. this is a great way to learn about the origins and routes of the topic and have a good look into the research studies both for and against that specific area.


In our full day courses, we will always incorporate a lunch or break into the day. Food, snacks and drinks will all be provided by us.


After your break or lunch, the rest of the day tends to be more practical based. This enables you to practice techniques within your chosen topic or learn how to improve your treatment methods.

Case studies

Case studies come hand in hand with your practicals. A lot of the time, case studies will be provided as part of the practical in order to test your skills and get everyone working together.

Summary + questions

Every course will finish with a summary covering everything we have just learnt. There will also be the opportunity for all attending the course to ask any questions they may have regarding any part of the course.

Teaching in cpd workshops


Who can attend the cpd workshops?

Our workshops held at massage.physio.co.uk are most suitable for student’s or recent graduates of a sports related degrees. This can include degrees in the following areas; Sports Therapy, Sports Rehab, Sports Science, Sports and Exercise Science, Physiotherapy and Sports and Fitness.

For therapists currently practicing in therapy our workshops will provide you with up to date treatment options, knowledge and provide you with cpd hours.

How much is it to attend the cpd workshops?

At massage.physio.co.uk we run various different cpd workshops. Each workshop is priced individually, there is no set price for every workshop we run. If you want to find out more about our cpd workshop prices, you can email us at office@physio.co.uk or go to www.eventbrite.co.uk, search for ‘Physio.co.uk’, find the workshops most suitable for you and the price will be stated on the page.

You will know you have found one of our courses as it will state on the page that it is by Physio.co.uk.

Where are the cpd workshops held?

Our cpd workshops are held at a variety of our own clinics. You will be in a professional, clinical environment making the locations appropriate for the workshops. Our workshops are run by our own Physio and Sports Therapists again keeping the environment professional. The exact location of each workshop can be found on the Eventbrite pages.

What topics do the cpd workshops cover?

Our cpd workshops cover a vast range of topics. Anything related to massage, manual therapy and sports therapy will be seen across the year in our workshops. Every workshop involves a practical element ensuring all knowledge and learning can be practiced. This can also resolve any difficulties you may have within the practical itself, and it can be discussed with the physio or sports therapist running the workshop how you can further improve your skills.

If you can’t make one of the workshops you want to attend, it will be more than likely we will be running it again in the near future.

When do the cpd workshops run?

Our cpd workshops are typically held on a Saturday. This is because generally people may struggle to attend all day workshop events due to circumstances such as work. Holding the workshops on a Saturday enables more people to attend and benefit from the workshops.

How long do the workshops run for?

The cpd workshops generally run all day. This is usually from around 10am in the morning to 3pm in the afternoon. There will be intervals and a lunch break during this and there will be lunch provided at the clinic itself.

If I have attended a cpd workshop, will I be able to get a copy of any presentations etc used during the course?

Anyone that attends our cpd workshops will be sent a link to the presentation slides via slideshare. All of our content will also get published on LinkedIn to ensure everyone is able to see the presentations if and when needed.

If I have attended a cpd workshop, what will I get to prove I have attended the course?

If you have attended one of our cpd workshops, you will be given a certificate signed by the therapist running the course to take away with you. We will also send you a follow-up email with any other details that you may require. Everything will be linked to slideshare giving you accessibility whenever and wherever you are.

Is there a limit to how many workshops I can attend?

The cpd workshops we run have no limitations. You can attend every single one of our workshops, or just a selected few. It is entirely up to you what courses you want to attend and how many you want to attend. Remember, every workshop you attend will contribute to your cpd so the more you attend the better.

How many people are there in each workshop?

The quantity of people that chose to attend our cpd workshops vary every time we run them. We aim to ensure that the group sizes are never too big to allow the therapist running the workshop to work their way around the class answering any queries and give feedback on any practical training.

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