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What are Knots and Why are They So Painful?

01/08/2017 Injury

Muscular knots are a common problem found in the majority of the population! Knots, or trigger points as they are sometimes known, can be found anywhere on the body and can cause a whole world of pain, irritation and stress if left untreated.

Firstly, there are two types of knots:

Latent Trigger Points – These are knots that only hurt when pressure is placed on them.

Active Trigger Points – These are knots that actively refer pain along your neural pathways causing an increase in pain in non-localised areas.

But what causes a knot you might ask, well, knots form when muscle fibres at certain points within a muscle stay in the state of contraction and are unable to release. When they are unable to release, this causes an excess tension to build up due to the constant contraction and over use of the muscle. If the tension does not release itself in a short period of time, the muscle can swell and harden forming the knot. When knots form, they send pain signals to your brain. Your brain wants to stop the pain and so commands the muscle to rest which then leads to under usage of the muscle. Under usage of the muscle can lead to weakening and fatigue as well as making the muscle shorten and tighten up.

There are many causes of knots including accidents or trauma, poor posture or over stimulation. The size of knots can range anywhere between the size of a pinhead to the size of your thumb but no matter what the size is, they are very easily treated through massage.

Within a massage, trigger point therapy can be used. Trigger point therapy involves applying pressure to the knot encouraging the muscle to relax and tension to reduce. The pressure is released once the pain has reduced. After releasing the pressure, blood flow to the area increases causing an increase in healing and further muscle relaxation. Trigger point therapy within a massage can help to massively reduce pain, relieve stress and decrease muscle tightness.

Everyone has aches and pains caused by muscular knots but unless you get them treated, they may stay there for a very long time! What’s to lose? Get yourself booked in today! Visit for more info and to book. 

The Author

Zoe Killian

Zoe is an enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking member of our massage team. Zoe graduated in 2015 from the Michael John Academy with a C&G NVQ Diploma in Spa Therapy Level 3. Zoe had a range of experience treating patients during her Diploma course enabling her to gain invaluable experience in a range of conditions whilst also undergoing intensive massage therapy training. Alongside completing her Diploma, Zoe also took part in a course of training within to further her knowledge and experience in massage. Zoe is a member of the Associated Beauty Therapists enabling her to perform a wide variety of massage types including mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise rehabilitation and kinesiology. Zoe is very passionate about the work she does here and thoroughly enjoys meeting new patients and helping them to overcome any problems they may have. Zoe always believes in providing an efficient and effective treatment for all her patients to ensure all targets and goals are met. Zoe has always had a strong interest in sport which in the past has led her to not only play netball but become head coach of her very own under 16’s netball team! When not in work, Zoe loves to spend quality time with her friends and family.


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