Tri Expo

02/28/2017 Events

On the 18-20th March, Manchester held the TriExpo event. The three day festival that myself and a team of Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists from attended was one to remember.

The event was the ultimate playground for triathletes with the opportunity to check out the latest gear on the market, live coaching demos and seminars, celebrity speakers, prizes and giveaways!

We arrived early to set up our stall with plinth beds, banners, posters, video screens and even a short running track! Our aim of the day was to spread the word about the importance of sports massages and correct running biomechanics for injury prevention. However, we gained so much more!

With a continuous supply of enthusiastic individuals, there was never a quiet moment. We spoke to a range of athletes from ironman veterans to first time runners who all had a number of questions for our team.

We offered free sports massages and running assessments tasters.

The sports massage tasters included a quick assessment to identify areas of tightness followed by a sports massage and stretching advice. It was enjoyable to get individuals who had not experienced the effects of sports massage before excited about the treatment. Many patients couldn’t believe the difference they felt after just a 10 minute massage. I think some people are definitely hooked!

The running assessment taster is where our short running track came in! In turn, volunteers lined up to have our physiotherapists assess their running style using a computerised system. The physiotherapists were able to highlight areas of concern e.g. weak glutes or overpronated feet by looking at the biomechanics of running. The volunteers were interested in watching a replay of their running in slow motion which highlighted either their good or sometimes very bad running style!

Overall, the three day event was a major success for the business and also an enjoyable few days for the therapists!