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Sports Massage, Not Just for Athletes!

01/07/2017 Our massage techniques

Sports massage is regularly advertised as a treatment modality for only highly skilled athletic performers. The fact is, sports massage can be beneficial to ANYONE regardless of sporting ability or exercise participation.

Sports massage refers to a range of massage techniques that are applied in a rhythmic, deep and manipulative fashion. Yes, sports massage can be used to prepare athletes prior to an event or to reduce the effects of DOMS following an event. BUT sports massage can also be used on a weekly basis to maintain muscular health, reduce pain and muscular tension and improve flexibility and range of movement.  

If you are an office worker and suffer from regular tension type headaches or pain in your neck, shoulders or back, then sports massage can benefit you just as much as an athlete. Sitting at an office desk for 8+ hours can place great strain on your muscles, similar to the strain experienced by an athlete when training for an hour. During such circumstances, a gradual build up in muscular tension occurs which includes an increase in the presence of scar tissue and active trigger points.

Whether you are Usain Bolt or Mr Smith from the admin department, an increase in your muscular tension is going to be painful if left untreated!

Why should a sports massage and its benefits be limited to athletic performers?

The benefits of a sports massage which can be experienced by non-sporting individuals is vast but can include;

Don’t suffer from muscular tension! Get a sports massage booked today and feel the relief you have been looking for.

The Author

Louise Rigby

Louise is a happy, passionate and reliable member of the massage team. Louise graduated with a Sports Therapy Bsc (Hons) degree in 2015 from the University of Central Lancashire. During her degree Louise gained experience working with the Rochdale hornets rugby club and the Fijian Rugby league team. In addition to her degree she has gained VTCT Level 4 certificate in sports massage and has attained a Level 2 emergency aid and trauma management qualification. Louise is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists and regularly takes part in CPD within the clinic and at external events. Louise has knowledge and experience with the assessment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Louise thoroughly enjoys her role as a Sport Therapist and loves meeting new patients. Louise has always had a keen interest in sport which lead her to achieve 1st place in a national cheerleading competition! When not in work Louise loves to surround herself with friends and family and watch the odd Disney film!


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3 responses to “Sports Massage, Not Just for Athletes!”

  1. Yes, you are right. Sports massage is not only for athletes, it is proved that persons who get sports massage have strong muscles tissues and fast recovery time. It is beneficial because it increases blood flow, joint range of motion (ROM), increase flexibility etc.

  2. Stress is the thing from which 90% of today’s youth is suffering, & I would suggest all of them to go for this massage.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Melissa says:

    Good blog on sports massage! Whether your a seasoned athlete or gym goer you need a massage! Any one can benefit from the numerous benefits of massage! ?

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