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01/01/2018 Our massage techniques

Receiving a massage is an amazing feeling, it helps to decrease your muscular tightness, pain and overall make you feel loose and relaxed!

But how does massage actually reduce muscular tightness?

Within tight muscles are collagen fibres that are orientated in a hazadous or hashtag # formation. Due to this knotted formation the collagen fibres are not able to lengthen under tension. Therefore, this can leads to the feeling of tightness and tension that can also restrict range of movement.The application of massage can help realign those collagen fibres into a parallel formation =. The parallel formation of collagen fibres means they can lengthen without any restrictions from overlapping fibres, as all collagen fibres are running in the same line of tension. Therefore, when stretching following a massage you are able to achieve a greater range of movement.

In conclusion, the science behind the madness of massage includes the re-orientation of collagen fibres within the muscle to align along the line of stress needed. The application of massage can decrease muscular tightness and tension and also increase range of movement and flexibility.  

The Author

Louise Rigby

Louise is a happy, passionate and reliable member of the massage team. Louise graduated with a Sports Therapy Bsc (Hons) degree in 2015 from the University of Central Lancashire. During her degree Louise gained experience working with the Rochdale hornets rugby club and the Fijian Rugby league team. In addition to her degree she has gained VTCT Level 4 certificate in sports massage and has attained a Level 2 emergency aid and trauma management qualification. Louise is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists and regularly takes part in CPD within the clinic and at external events. Louise has knowledge and experience with the assessment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Louise thoroughly enjoys her role as a Sport Therapist and loves meeting new patients. Louise has always had a keen interest in sport which lead her to achieve 1st place in a national cheerleading competition! When not in work Louise loves to surround herself with friends and family and watch the odd Disney film!


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