My Experience…. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Tour!

05/01/2017 Experiences

So recently, I had been given the opportunity to go on tour with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. I am already lucky enough to be treating the orchestra on a weekly basis, so this was a huge bonus for me!

We travelled across Slovenia and Italy where the orchestra performed a total of 4 concerts across 4 days. We travelled with the quite famous conductor Vasily Petrenko who always delivers a remarkable performance.

Destination 1

Destination 1 was Maribor, Slovenia. After initially flying into Bratislava and having a nice (not nice) little (not little) 4-hour coach journey down to Maribor, we finally checked in and had a free evening to do whatever we liked!

The first morning came with the first pre-event massage session. A few sore backs and necks due to the travelling but nothing overly concerning or that I didn’t expect.

The concert hall/theatre was very nice and rehearsals ran smoothly. Time for the next pre-event massage session at the venue…

Everyone played very well during the concert and gave an amazing performance. We were then off for a free evening to eat, drink and be merry with a little sightseeing too!

Can I also please just mention that I was staying in a water bed for the 2 nights we stayed in Maribor… very strange, I wouldn’t recommend!

Destination 2

After a 3-and-a-half-hour coach journey, we arrived in Udine, Italy. Unfortunately, not all of the orchestra made it as a few fell ill in Maribor so were not well enough to travel. However, the show must go on! So with a few changes to the program, the Orchestra would be performing, they still managed to pull off an amazing concert.

I again provided pre-event sports massage when we arrived at the hotel and after the rehearsals whilst in Udine (pronounced oo-din-ay in case you were wondering) which went very well- fully booked for the second day in a row!

Destination 3

After a bit of a late night and a few more illnesses, we made our way back over to Slovenia, this time Ljubljana. Most of the orchestra members that fell ill initially met us here so we were able to continue with the original program- Phew!

As done previously, I provided sports massage sessions before and after rehearsals. This time a few more stiff backs and necks but nothing that couldn’t be resolved with a bit of trigger pointing and heat!

Another concert successfully finished with a standing ovation and encores! Most went out and celebrated me? My bed sounded like a better idea!

Unfortunately, no one managed to get any pictures whilst in Ljubljana!

Destination 4

So the very last destination was a 4-and-a-half-hour coach journey to Brescia, Italy. Another beautiful city! The concert hall was phenomenal! It was very picturesque and historic looking making it an amazing location to perform.

Final sports massage sessions before and after rehearsals again went down a treat with the orchestra. Same story different day, a lot of back and neck tightness.

Everyone gave it their all during the last performance- it was encore galore at the end of it!


So that’s it! Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work ensuring no injuries occurred and everyone could play efficiently alongside all of the traveling, but I would definitely do it again!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and one I will never forget. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is full of friendly, welcoming and just really nice people that I will continue to enjoy the company of back at our weekly sessions at the Philharmonic Hall!

Here’s to more successful tours in the future!