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01/06/2018 Massage for dancers

Let massage work its magic!

Flexibility is the ability to have full range of movement with no pain or strain. for dancers, flexibility is a huge factor. Without a good level of flexibility, a dancer would struggle to perform a lot of even the most basic dance maneuvers. Poor flexibility can affect each individuals form, alignment and technique not to mention it increases risk of injury. Flexibility can be related to the range of movement at a joint or muscle. The range at both joints and muscles can also often effect each other. For example, if you have a stiff joint, the muscles surrounding the area tend to stiffen or tense up with it.

Inflexibility can be caused due to various different things. The main issues causing reduced flexibility include:

How can I become more flexible?

Increasing flexibility is not something that is going to happen overnight it is important to never ‘over stretch’ or push it past your limits. Never force a stretch, never ‘bounce’ into a stretch. This is one of the most common ways you as a dancer can injure yourself. The best way to increase flexibility is as below:

How can Sports massage help me as a dancer?

Great question… sports massage is a deep and effective form of manual therapy that focuses on getting into deeper layers of soft tissues to, as I mentioned above, help reduce tension and breakdown adhesions. Sports massage can be used to target muscular knots, areas of tightness or restriction, areas of pain and chronic or new injuries. Through the use of specific techniques adapted to each individual’s condition or goal of treatment, soft tissues are manipulated and stripped through in order to allow relaxation, repair of any damaged tissues and most importantly, improved flexibility. Massage is also extremely useful in preventing injury and improving recovery from new or old injuries due to circumstances such as repetitive strain, muscle weakness or muscle imbalances. So if you are a dancer seeking improved flexibility, try a massage now!

The Author

Zoe Killian

Zoe is an enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking member of our massage team. Zoe graduated in 2015 from the Michael John Academy with a C&G NVQ Diploma in Spa Therapy Level 3. Zoe had a range of experience treating patients during her Diploma course enabling her to gain invaluable experience in a range of conditions whilst also undergoing intensive massage therapy training. Alongside completing her Diploma, Zoe also took part in a course of training within to further her knowledge and experience in massage. Zoe is a member of the Associated Beauty Therapists enabling her to perform a wide variety of massage types including mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise rehabilitation and kinesiology. Zoe is very passionate about the work she does here and thoroughly enjoys meeting new patients and helping them to overcome any problems they may have. Zoe always believes in providing an efficient and effective treatment for all her patients to ensure all targets and goals are met. Zoe has always had a strong interest in sport which in the past has led her to not only play netball but become head coach of her very own under 16’s netball team! When not in work, Zoe loves to spend quality time with her friends and family.


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