Can massage really prevent injury?

02/28/2017 Injury

Massage can really work wonders in a huge variety of ways. One of those ways is in the prevention of injury. Massage is an effective form of treatment used by a wide range of people, whether sporting or not, to help reduce their chances of injury.

People can take part in different sports or exercise types for many reasons including in preparation for an event, as part of a training programme, to aid in weight loss or just as a hobby. However even the slightest of activity can cause problems if your muscles are not prepared- Whether you are a professional or not! Yes, warming up before you take part in activity is going to reduce your chances of injury, but only to a certain extent. Regular massage can help maintain this and reduce the chances even more!

There are so many different types of injuries you can gain if you havent prepared yourself well enough for activity. Some of the most common types of injuries we see include muscle pulls, strains and tears as well as damage to ligaments. Before you start your event or activity, your muscles tend to be tight and often full of tension. Muscle tightness and tension restricts your movement and reduces your flexibility. This can increase with time if you continue to work hard without proper treatment. Poor preparation can cause your muscles to be stretched further then they want to allow resulting in an increase in stress and weakness within the muscle. Just one short burst of movement can then cause a whole world of damage to that one area.

If you are one of those smart ones that have massage regularly, you will notice how you have little to no restriction in movement and very rarely become injured. This is because massage is very good at relieving muscle tightness, decreasing tension and improving your overall range of movement. A massage increases the healing of any small amount of damage within muscle fibers that can contribute towards DOMS and also helps to relieve pain and maintain healthy muscles.

If you are one of those that go to the gym everyday but thinks “I will be fine, I don’t need to warm up or have treatment because my muscles are strong!” then you are very wrong! Even the finest of athletes can get injured if they do not prepare themselves efficiently! Football players get it… Marathon runners will also get it… So why don’t you get it? Try out a massage today!