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Athlete Recovering from Injury? We Can Help!

01/09/2018 Massage for sports clubs

Athlete Recovering from Injury? We Can Help!

Injury is of course something we all try to avoid… but for sports clubs, injury can often be very frustrating. Following an injury, no matter how minor it may be, it is common for other complications to arise. Whether this be in a physical sense such as muscle imbalances, weakness, loss of range of movement and muscular tightness or mentally such as, anxiety, depression or nervousness when returning to sport.

What can we do to help after injury has occurred?

Well, massage is proven to be super effective when helping athletes return from injury. Of course, this does depend on the severity of the injury, for example if you have just broken a bone, you wouldn’t come to see a massage therapist 3 days later- we don’t have magic fingers!

For more appropriate injuries such as muscle pulls, strains, tears etc. it is important to follow the usual RICE procedure during the acute stage. This allows for the inflammation stage to progress- it is essential in healing! Following this, you can then start massage treatments.

How does massage help?

Massage is extremely beneficial post injury. Scar tissue, muscular tightness and tension, pain and much more are just some of the factors that can occur. A massage is used to break down adhesions and scar tissue that has formed due to the injury. This helps to increase range of movement and allow healing to continue. Massage is also useful in stripping through muscular tightness and tension to prevent formation of knots or trigger points that can further restrict movement and increase pain. As well as all of this, massage is amazing when it comes to relaxation. Whether this be relaxation of the muscles or relaxation of the person mentally, it helps to improve recovery and get a person mentally prepared for their return to sport.

What benefits would I expect to see in my sports club?

The benefits of massage in sport are endless. Specifically referring to post injury, there are an array of benefits that can be gained including:

I could carry on but unfortunately, I don’t have all day!

So overall, if you are an athlete or work at a sports clubs with athletes and see lots of re occurring injuries, consider massage to help improve recovery and prevent further injuries!


The Author

Zoe Killian

Zoe is an enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking member of our massage team. Zoe graduated in 2015 from the Michael John Academy with a C&G NVQ Diploma in Spa Therapy Level 3. Zoe had a range of experience treating patients during her Diploma course enabling her to gain invaluable experience in a range of conditions whilst also undergoing intensive massage therapy training. Alongside completing her Diploma, Zoe also took part in a course of training within to further her knowledge and experience in massage. Zoe is a member of the Associated Beauty Therapists enabling her to perform a wide variety of massage types including mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise rehabilitation and kinesiology. Zoe is very passionate about the work she does here and thoroughly enjoys meeting new patients and helping them to overcome any problems they may have. Zoe always believes in providing an efficient and effective treatment for all her patients to ensure all targets and goals are met. Zoe has always had a strong interest in sport which in the past has led her to not only play netball but become head coach of her very own under 16’s netball team! When not in work, Zoe loves to spend quality time with her friends and family.


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