And Relax…

01/08/2018 Massage for organisations

And Relax…

Do you often find your employee’s get easily stressed? Maybe complain about pain from sitting at the desk all day? Possibly even both? Well, implementing massage within the workplace is definitely the one for you.

What is Relaxation?

Good question! Well, relaxation can be used to describe a person in both physical and mental ways. Physically, a person may be unable to relax due to pain or discomfort which can arise due to their desk layout, posture, physical demands of the job and much more. Mentally, relaxation can be affected through factors such as stress or anxiety which are commonly seen in the workplace. When people experience stress, this can often lead to a lack of motivation, increased staff absence or turnover and an overall reduced staff moral- not great for any workplace really!

Why Massage?

Another good question!

Massage is extremely useful in improving relaxation levels both physically and mentally…

Physically: Massage types including sports massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage, acupressure etc. can be used to break down muscular tension, reduce pain, increase range of movement and break down those painful knots we all get! The sensation provided during the massage can also promote relaxation before the break down of tension and knots has even began.


The Author

Zoe Killian

Zoe is an enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking member of our massage team. Zoe graduated in 2015 from the Michael John Academy with a C&G NVQ Diploma in Spa Therapy Level 3. Zoe had a range of experience treating patients during her Diploma course enabling her to gain invaluable experience in a range of conditions whilst also undergoing intensive massage therapy training. Alongside completing her Diploma, Zoe also took part in a course of training within to further her knowledge and experience in massage. Zoe is a member of the Associated Beauty Therapists enabling her to perform a wide variety of massage types including mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise rehabilitation and kinesiology. Zoe is very passionate about the work she does here and thoroughly enjoys meeting new patients and helping them to overcome any problems they may have. Zoe always believes in providing an efficient and effective treatment for all her patients to ensure all targets and goals are met. Zoe has always had a strong interest in sport which in the past has led her to not only play netball but become head coach of her very own under 16’s netball team! When not in work, Zoe loves to spend quality time with her friends and family.


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